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GoMarketWise can help you compare a wide range of leading EHS & sustainability software, to present you with the most appropriate solution for your business requirements and budget. And all of this in just five minutes.

Independent. Simple. Effortless. GoMarketWise takes the stress and strain out of Sustainability & EHS software selection.

Have you been thinking?

  • Is there a better way to manage my Responsible Business, Environmental, Health and Safety, Risk and Compliance, and Supply Chain data?
  • I don’t know where to start looking
  • I just don’t have the time to commit to researching new software solutions
  • How can I compare EHS software & reporting solutions across such a crowded market?
  • How can I get independent and free expert analysis online?
  • Which systems will match my budget AND meet my specific business requirements?
  • I’ve found a software solution but how do I know there’s not something better out there?

Our online comparison tool will help you navigate the maze that is EHS & sustainability software selection by significantly narrowing the field and presenting you with the best options.

CSR & Sustainability Reporting Software Comparison Service

A bit about us

SustainIt were established in 2005 and have over 40 years combined experience providing managed and professional services to national and international corporates.

We’ve worked with companies like Mondelez, Sky, John Lewis Partnership, HSBC and OVO, helping them collect, collate and analyse the huge volumes of non-financial data their organisations create on a daily basis. Our services also include data assurance, software selection, implementation and support as well as advice and training on how to collect and report on sustainability data.

GoMarketWise evolved from this service offering and has been built from the ground up by our experts here at SustainIt. By asking you the right questions, the tool gets straight to the heart of your requirements, before comparing a wide range of software to present you with a scored list of solutions.

By putting the user directly in the driving seat and reducing the software selection process down to a series of straightforward questions, GoMarketWise greatly reduces time spent undertaking background research and empowers you to make a more informed decision.

It’s important to point out that GoMarketWise isn’t intended to do away with the need for a strong business case and leadership buy in, nor is it intended to replace the careful due diligence and research required to come to a final decision. What it does do is cut out a huge amount of the ground work needed to narrow the field and leave you with the most relevant options.

Once you have your results, SustainIt can work more closely with your organisation to better understand your business case and arrange product demos, before eventually coming to an informed and enlightened decision with you on software selection.

Start your software comparison now

What are the benefits of choosing the right EHS reporting software solution?

A single consolidated, auditable database that supports all stakeholders from end users to the board.

Improved reporting to reduce the risk of non-compliance (the more sophisticated systems even have proactive legislative monitoring).

Additional functionality designed to increase accuracy and consistency in measuring and reporting.

Energy and raw material usage reduction through more informed and data-led efficiency initiatives.

Accurate and real time performance management of key sustainability information.

Insights into product performance and energy efficiency, leading to greatly improved innovation and R&D.

Increased functionality and feature sets, including automation, customisable dashboards, time zones, currencies, conversion factors and mobile access.

Greater third party integration including data importing and exporting from / to multiple file types including CSV and PDF.

So how does our software comparison tool work?

Our expertise and years of experience helping businesses make the right software choices, has given us the insight and inspiration to build a tool so simple that literally anyone can reap the benefits of our knowledge in as little as five minutes.

Our comparison service is completely free to use, transparent and independent. We don't allow any advertising or sponsored listings on our website and we only make money by charging the software vendor a referral fee once a sale has been made.

All your results are ordered according to how well they meet your requirements and not our relationship with the software vendors. We don't ask a lot of questions, but never make assumptions; your results are tailored to your specific requirements and your stated budget.

First we ask you to identify the type of data you need the software to work with, which includes Responsible Business, Environmental, Health and Safety, Risk and Compliance, and Supply Chain.

You will then need to select the budget and size of the software system required.

A range of questions covering system integration, data manipulation, data input, dashboards and reporting is next.

Finally, the tool will ask specific questions relating to key features and functions you require for each module you’ve previously selected.

Once complete, you’ll be able to instantly see the software solutions that meet your criteria ranked in match order. We give you the option to then select individual results and request us to arrange demonstrations of these products.

If you’d like some help or wish to discuss your results, just give us a call or email us directly.

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